N4AI EGNAS Releases New Generation Wireless GPS Bike Computer Newly Cyclocomputer Meets All Needs of Commuting, Leisure and Sports

"19, 03, 2021" N4AI Innovation Ltd. and its professional automobile gauges brand -- N4AI EGNAS, today announced a new generation cycling computer (bike computer) with GPS navigation and the total weight less than 200 grams but provides more than 48 hours battery life. With wireless communication function inside, all of cycling and health data can be wirelessly transmitted to cloud through mobile phone app, to meet all needs of users’ commuting, leisure and sports.


The new GPS bike computer has a variety functions in a compact design, including battery status, current speed, average speed, calories, current time, riding time and riding distance, etc., which and upgraded version of the traditional cycling computer, a weight less than 200 grams and up to 48 hours battery life, with highly waterproof and dustproof capabilities and provide Bluetooth connectivity, which can meets almost all the requirements of bicycle riders.



Helen Liu, General Manager of N4AI EGNAS said: “In recent years, the increase in personal health-consciousness is a major factor to drive the rapid growth of the bike computer market, at the same time, the functions of the bike computer continue to increase. Nowadays, the high-end bike computer can record various health details of riders and feed back to cloud in real time, it has been an excellent companion for commuters, leisure and fitness enthusiasts.”


The new wireless GPS bike computer from N4AI EGNAS enhances the health function such as hart rate, training stress score (TSS) and calories, etc., and can be connected to mobile phones through Bluetooth Smart to provide more convenience for users. At the same time, the product has the waterproof grade up to IPX7 and the dustproof grade of   IP5X, ensuring that it can operate in any climates for a long time.


Helen Liu said the bike computer is similar to the dashboard on motorcycle or car, it’s equivalent to providing an upgrade function for the bicycle. Today, although use smart phones can be provide most functions over bike computers, however, the advantage of bike computers is still far greater than mobile phones in terms of battery life. Most advanced models can also use various sensors to recording data such as number of laps or to monitor more health details, plus the convenient GPS navigation, the bike computer will be an indispensable device among bicycle enthusiasts.


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