Car Gauge Design

Car Gauge Design

Modern automobile dashboards are shifting towards the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) from pointer and mechanical gauges, and their appearance and functions have continuously undergone revolutionary changes in recent years. At present, the functionality of automobile instruments is increasing, and the design is becoming more and more complicated, due to implement of electronic design, liquid crystal display technology and internet connected in the car. At the same time, the automotive industry's demand for meter customization also increased significantly.

For decades, N4AI EGNAS have been a leading technology development and supplier of automobile instrument cluster, electronic instrument, CAN Bus body control module, sensors, fuse box, wiring harness, transmission relay, safety control system, frequency control device, voice control devices, automobile alarm systems, wiper relay, etc., we provide design services for global partners to meet the rapidly increasing customized product design requirements.

Our design solutions have been adopted by well-known global manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, classic cars, modified vehicles, generators, yachts, heavy-duty vehicles and military vehicles, and we are designated as tier 1 and 2b system and component supplier. Our R&D team has worked closely with customers from the beginning to strictly control every stage from design, testing and manufacturing to ensure product quality.


  • Multiple options, including single gauges and instrument cluster to meet various design needs of customers
  • Strong system integration capabilities for customers' functional design requirement
  • Experienced S/W development capabilities to meet customers' functional design needs
  • Production lines are in compliance with vehicle regulations and have passed international vehicle factory certification
  • One-stop shopping, with diversified spare parts for options
Custom Car Gauge Design

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