Digital Automobile Cluster Solution

Digital Automobile Cluster Solution

Cyberbot-Duo – Designed for innovative three- and four-wheel electric vehicles

Designed for innovative three- and four-wheel electric vehicles

Today, Electric Car (EVs) surpassed the definition of the traditional automotive field, become the best choice for leisure, business, logistics, commuting, and security patrols. Compared with common two-wheel EVs, three- and four-wheel electric vehicles have unlimited potential in the commercial field since stronger carrying capacity. With the rapid development of battery and power management technology, coupled with the increasing popularity deployment of electric vehicle power supply system, more and more three- and four-wheel electric vehicles are coming into life, providing a variety of services in city streets.

Due to the structure of electric vehicles is completely different from traditional fuel vehicles, new electric vehicles are usually equipped with a digital LCD cluster, in addition to the traditional mileage, speed, and light signal, the digital cluster must also display charging instructions, motor and battery status in real time. In more advanced cars, digital clusters are also used to connect to the Internet to provide positioning, navigation, and access to various service platforms and applications, bringing a safer and more convenient driving experience.

Therefore, the digital cluster needs powerful system design and integration as well as computing and graphics processing capabilities, because it must capture, analyze and process different types information from all over the vehicle accurately in real time and display it on the dashboard. At the same time, because the harsh car environment, the digital cluster must also pass all car-level testing include temperature range and impact resistance, etc.

With more than 50 years of development and manufacturing experience in automobile instrument gauges, cluster and other accessories, N4AI EGNAS has been successfully introduced the sturdiness, durability, and precision of traditional automotive instruments into modern digital cluster design. Our factory has already obtained IATF 16949 certification, and we work with customers closely to develop the unique products they need; in the future, we believe every electric car will provide differentiated functions to meet the needs of variety different purposes.

Digital Automobile Cluster Solution

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