Lin Bus套件儀表組

自動車専用ダッシュボード Automotive Gauges






Lin Bus套件儀表組

Automotive Gauges


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仕 様

  • Lin Bus-Gauge set (From left to right and top to bottom): Programmable Tacho (with LCD Hourmeter; 3-3/8”dia.; 12/24V; 0-4000 RPM/ 99999.9 Hours), Electrical Fuel level gauge (2-1/16”dia.,270° Sweep), Electrical Air pressure gauge (52mm,0-10 bar), Electrical Water temperature gauge (52mm,40-120℃), Electrical Voltmeter gauge (52mm,8-16V /12v system,16-36V / 24v system), Electrical Air pressure gauge (52mm,0-10 bar), Electrical Oil temperature gauge (52mm,60-160℃)
  • Display:Digital
  • Voltage:12/24V (Optional)
  • LED Backlight(white)
  • Material:Plastic
  • Anti-scratch glass lens
  • Plastic Cases for corrosion resistance
  • Stable, anti-vibration, providing highly accuracy
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Waterproof, rustproof
  • 100% made in Taiwan


  • Accessories of Programmable Tacho:Pulse generator ,Magnetic pickup, Alternator, Ignition coil
  • Accessories of Electrical Fuel level gauge: Sender FS003
  • Accessories of Electrical Air pressure gauge: Sender P/N OS006
  • Accessories of Electrical Water temperature gauge: Sender P/N TS001
  • Accessories of Electrical Air pressure gauge: Tubing kit P/N KT002
  • Accessories of Electrical Oil temperature gauge: 48”/72”/96”/144”/216”/316” PVC Capillary Tube
  • Optional 12V / 24V, by customer request
  • Metric-English units are supported by customer require
  • The color of the bezel and the dial face of the gauge are optional for customer.
  • Optional LED backlight color
  • Scale can be customized
  • The color of the dial face, pointer and text can be customized according to customer needs
  • Optional I/F by customer request
  • Optional waterproof grade by customer request

説 明

The mechanical OVTF car gauge sets from N4AI EGNAS contains programmable tacho, electronic fuel level gauge, electrical air pressure gauge, electrical water temperature gauge, electrical voltmeter gauge, mechanical air pressure gauge and mechanical oil temperature gauge. These classic styled car gauges are clear and easy to read, which features anti-scratch glass and the corrosion-resistant materials outer shell implement longer product life. Both metric-english units are supported by customer require, providing more design flexibility. We provide full developed technique and stable quality. In addition to OEM/ODM manufacturers, our products can also be used in the aftermarket as a replacement part.


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