Cyberbot數位汽車儀錶 - 輕型機車適用

オートバイダッシュボード Bike Dashboard

Cyberbot|エレキテルTFTスクーター用 デジタルメーター




Scooter, Motorcycle, Cars (also suitable for electric cars / Motorcycle; or gasoline engine cars / Motorcycle)

Cyberbot數位汽車儀錶 - 輕型機車適用

Bike Dashboard

Cyberbot|エレキテルTFTスクーター用 デジタルメーター

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  • アプリケーション

仕 様

  • Type: Electronic
  • Diameter: 3”
  • Display: IPS TFT-LCD
  • Boot time: <1s
  • Brightness: 1000 lumen
  • I/F: CAN, RS232-TTL, Analog, GPIO
  • Voltage:12/24V (Optional)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Anti-scratch glass lens
  • Plastic Cases for corrosion resistance
  • Stable, heavily damped, providing highly accuracy
  • Waterproof, rustproof and UV Protection
  • 100% made in Taiwan


  • Optional 12V / 24V, by customer request
  • Metric-English units are supported by customer require
  • The color of the bezel and the dial face of the gauge are optional for customer. (Black, white or other colors)
  • Scale can be customized
  • The color of the dial face, pointer and text can be customized according to customer needs
  • Optional I/F by customer request
  • Optional waterproof grade by customer request

説 明

The Cyberbot digital car gauge developed by N4AI EGNAS are dedicated design for Scooter. Less than 1s startup time to ensure faster response, the digital automotive gauge with a 3” IPS TFT-LCD display, deliver 1,000 lumen of brightness, and support multiple interfaces including CAN Bus, RS232-TTL, analog I/F and GPIO.

The Cyberbot digital car gauge for Scooter adopts a design with strong colours, which has both vintage style and modern digital functions. This product is designed for the heavy Internet and mobile phone users who are addicted in digital world. The intuitive interface is easier to watch and can bring more novel designs to new types of scooters, motorcycles and automobiles.


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